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Mirepoix TasteBuds
What I Contributed
Brand Identity Design, Podcast Cover, Social Media Posts
Two Chicago girls move to St. Louis and make it their new year's resolution to start a podcast. Mirepoix Taste Buds is a female-produced podcast by foodies with a passion for life. The podcast is about their pursuit of the three fundamental keys to happiness: health, wealth, and curiosity. Mirepoix Taste Buds explores "how food and our daily lives intersect, satiating mind, body, and spirit." Like mirepoix in a dish, these keys to happiness are the reason life tastes so good. "
Mirepoix Taste Buds social media post design for a drink recipeMirepoix Taste Buds logo with variations and color swatchMirepoix Taste Buds one social media design for the "Loo Review" and photo of bathroomMirepoix Taste Buds Spotify mockupMirepoix Taste Buds social media design