Temple and Hemp hero image with tiled product packaging design for chocolate
Temple & Hemp
What I Contributed
Concept Development, Branding, & Package Design
Project Profile
Challenged with a creative brief hosted on Instagram, I designed the packing for a chocolate bar called Temple & Hemp. I imagined this CBD chocolate was born from the love of a chocolatier & dispensary. The brand would work both online and in traditional stores, so I designed an additional shipping mailer. The social media feed would be geared towards showcasing all the products they have available, like t-shirts & stickers.
Temple and Hemp shopping bag package design 
Temple and Hemp chocolate packaging designTemple and Hemp logo and variationTemple and Hemp sticker designs Temple and Hemp shipping mailer box design with stickers and no issue packing tapeThree t-shirt designs for CBD chocolate brand. Left shirt says "I know my CBDs" middle shirt says "Don't panic, It's Organic" and the right says "Photosynthesis is Fun"