Three Dia De Los Meurtos Mask Illustrations for KDP Sprite  7-up and Big Red
Dia de los Muertos Masks
Dia De Los Meurtos Mask Illustration for KDP Sprite with drink set up photoshoot
What I Contributed
Concept Development, Illustration, & Product Photography
Project Profile
A soft drink brand requested original illustration designs for a Dia De Los Muertos mask. The Abuela mask is a lemon-lime drink, & the Alebrijes mask is grapefruit.
Abuela Mask
This design's main elements were inspired by the skull's large, round cheeks, reminiscent of a loving abuela. I wanted the eyes to carry a lot of character. To emphasize femininity for the graceful grandmother, I took the time to draw delicate roses and daisies. Roses play a significant role in Mexican culture because they represent love and fidelity, both traits present in maternal figures. The first coloration had a far more subtle palette, but eventually was updated to match the brand's vibrant colors.
TheThe first thing I wanted to implement in this design was the mustache to emphasize masculinity and have a little fun. To further the contrast of the abuela design, I rendered sharp cheek bones and shallow eyes. The intricate swirls, droplets, and circles are some of the core elements of alebrijes. The small sculptures represent spiritual guides for the Mexican people and are painted with highly pigmented colors. The saturated color of the Alebrijes is represented in the first color iteration. Finally, I wanted to use Squirt’s iconic ‘droplets’ which integrated this design with large, bold eyebrows..
dia de los meurtos masks flip animationDia De Los Meurtos Mask Illustration for KDP 7-up with drink set up photoshootThree Dia De Los Meurtos Mask Illustrations for KDP Sprite  7-up and Big Red